SRIPM provides a full range of services to meet the needs of the most discerning developers and MCST. Our staff are experienced, passionate, and innovative and have the experience to manage your estate and assets whether it be a high rise residential, retail or commercial building.

SRI Property Management (SRIPM) is a provider of Property Services in Singapore which comprises a diverse and professional team of enthusiastic and engaged staff that are specialise in property, assets and facility management govern by the BMSMA Act.

SRIPM’s involvement with the management of the estate can commence during the development stage to ensure the proper systems and procedures are in place from PRE TOP Defect Inspection and consultation to POST TOP Handover and DLP management.

SRIPM is also experienced in taking over the Management Agent duties of existing buildings to assist the MCST. We are able to deploy specialise staff with short notice. SRIPM’s Management & staff have extensive industry experience in the delivery of various services.